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-Herbal & Ayurvedic

Liv Muztang

Liv Muztang is a premium herbal power booster for men made up of renowned African herb Mulondo that boost the stamina and helps men to enhance their sexual performance.

Product- Liv Muztang

Brand Ambassador

Alok Nath

Dr. Madhu Amrit

Dr. Madhu Amrit is a trusted ayurvedic supplement that ensures proper sugar management. Consisting of natural herbs that restore energy and improve overall health.

Product- Dr.MadhuAmrit

Addiction Killer

Addiction Killer is an ayurvedic composition of several natural herbs and extracts that fight with the causes of addiction naturally and liberate people from the trap of addiction. This ayurvedic formula has served 2 lakh plus addicts worldwide to overcome the addiction.

Product- Addiction Killer

Brand Ambassador

Sanjeev Taimol

Brand Ambassador


Product- Dr Piles Free

Dr Piles Free

Trusted to treat hemorrhoids. It is a natural remedy formulated using Ayurveda which is 100% herbal and has no side effects. It works as a lubricant to keep smooth flights and suppress symptoms like pain, bleeding and swelling. Is effective for both internal and external piles.


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