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Business process outsourcing, is a business practice in which one association procures another organization to play out an undertaking (i.e., process) that the enlisting association requires for its very own business to effectively work. BPO has its underlying foundations in the assembling business, with makers employing different organizations to deal with explicit procedures.

A few undertakings wherein Satkartar is engaged with includes:
• Working with clients/representatives to distinguish there queries related with our medication.
• Counselling each & every client according to their needs.
• Breaking the language barrier as we have Multi-language call centres.
• Ensuring that the delivery is on time.
• Conducting Feedback sessions for further transformation.



Pan India Telemarketing: Quality health herbal solutions serviced in all major Regional languages.


  • 603, Mercantile House K.G.Marg
    New Delhi-110001
  • +91-11-49322618
  • info@satkartar.in